Sunday, December 27, 2015

Brown X Black

One of my Winter Looks, that I love for me it's hat and beanies season. I really love wearing something, it always change the outfit. I love wearing dresses with flats or boot. It gives a chic and sporty look. 

hope you like it :D 


Pull&Bear Dress
Stradivarius Boots. 
Zara Hat. 
Splash Necklace. 
Aldo Bag.  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Splash X Tima

Sorry for not Constantly Posting Articles of my outfits, blogging is not only about strictly outfits but mostly of exposing my daily life and show how fashion effects my daily routine. So in order to do that I need sometime to events, social engagements and my daily work. 

So Far, this outfit is ranked from my Top 20 outfits and I hope you like it as much as I adore it. total look is by Splash located in Center Point. Again and again, I will always keep reminding myself of how cheap and amazing their collection is. Total look didn't cost more tha 150 QAR !!!! 
Yet it looks classiest ever!! 

I don't feel cheap but I feel proud and elegant. 

Total Look: Splash 
Black Bracelet: ShopUnike  
Pink Bracelet: Swarovski 
Ring: Splash
Earrings: By Kilian 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lagoona Mall Fashion Week

It was one of the remarkable event in my fashion journey. I was selected to Host and represent Super Trash  during Lagoona Mall Fashion Week. Proudly I had the highest crowd during the whole week. I loved the brand very fresh, modern and New!! I have to admit standing in front of such a crowd and expect to act chill is not easy!! but I'm blessed to start my first baby steps in a professional fashion world. 

Total Look by: Super Trash
Hair & Make Up: Skin&Soul

Sunday, December 6, 2015

White Splash sunset

So it is getting a bit cold in Doha, I was planning to post more summerish outfits, but I went to Center Point and I was curious to see their collection. I was surprised!! I found a lot of pieces where it was beyond my expectations. 
I ended up getting full outfits from Splash. 
You can shop Splash from Center Point " AL-Asmakh Mall" 
Center Point "The Gulf Mall" 
Center Point " Dar al Salam Mall"
Center Point " The City Center Mall" 
Center Point " Barwa Village" 

Of course White is my Favorite this year, and it might take longer than a year to give it up. 

Total Look by : Splash 
Sunglasses: Fendi 
Heels: Aldo 
Watch: Emporio Armani