Friday, October 25, 2013

peach day

Today's outfit, is a bit of funky classy style, a combo that i really like, i've been thinking of what colors to wear with this jumpsuit, and then i said why not, lets go peachy, my photos where taken by a very very talented friend of mine, SWERA MOUELHI, I believe she will be one of those unique photographer one day! shutout to her and many many thanks for the lovely day, and lovely pictures <3 
hope you guys love it :D

jumpsuit: River Island
accessories: Ayam
Bag: Chanel
High Heels: Bershka

Thursday, October 17, 2013

always wear your invisible crown.

 a classy daily outfit, very cool outfit for a weekend outing, or business lunch, it could be for dinner, or having a drink in a fancy hotel. I've always wanted to wear this jumpsuit with chocking colors, to revive the colors and grab attention, the i thought, Be classy, why not!, so i thought of a hot color this season, the light blue called mint candy apple, i applied that to my nails, and had a bag, necklace, and heels with the same color. with a bit of baby light pink lipstick one of my favorites. hope you like the outfit

jumsuit: Zara
accessories, forever21, accessories.
high heels: top shop
bag: candy furla bag
watch: follie folli
nail polish: essie ( mint candy apple)
lipstick: light pink revolon 002

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Daily fluffy colors

Daily fluffy colors,

I love the orange top where it really makes u smile when u see a combination of summer colors, makes feel more free, more energetic, and more wild. it is colors that grab a lot of attention, the blue where it is called "bleu roi " in french it means the royal blue is one of my favorite colors that make me feel strong the bag had to be a third color so it makes a simple look more colorful. hope you like it :D

top: Zara
skirt: Bershka
bag: Chanel
accessories: accessories, ayam, H&M, Hermes
heels: dorothy berkins
nail polish: essie